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Welcome to Digital Ears

Welcome to Digital Ears Trading LLC, a pioneering force in Dubai since 2005, where we've been enriching lives through sound. Each year, we bring joy to thousands of customers through innovative solutions, offering them a second chance to embrace life to the fullest by reclaiming their hearing.

At Digital Ears, we take pride in our role as a complete solution provider for all types of hearing needs and protections. Our professional testing rooms and fully equipped laboratories ensure precision and excellence in every ear mold and hearing aid assembly. As proud distributors of the prestigious AUDIFON HEARING AID, crafted in Germany exclusively for the UAE, we guarantee unmatched quality and performance.

As your trusted solution provider, we address profound hearing losses with cutting-edge Bone Conduction hearing aids from BHM brands, while safeguarding your ears with customizable protectors featuring advanced filters tailored for various noise environments, from entertainment venues to aviation and manufacturing settings.

Beyond our innovative offerings, we specialize in trade-ins and servicing of hearing aid analyzing and supporting equipment, catering to both individuals and groups alike. With Digital Ears, you have found your one-stop destination for all your hearing needs, where excellence meets compassion in every interaction.


Our Products & Services

Hearing Aid

Behind-the-ear (BTE) systems are worn behind the ear with the help of either a discreet earhook or slim tube, depending on the wearer’s degree of hearing loss.

Bone Conduction Hearing Aid's

Hearing glasses based on bone conduction technology provide a solution for those who require both visual and auditory assistance or auditory alone.

Tinnitus Solutions

Tinnitus is noises in the head, not related to any psychiatric condition. The noise can be heard anywhere in the head or ears. So far there is no scientific proven cure for tinnitus.

Audiology Equipments

A space saving pre-assembled acoustic booth which is very practical and cost effective. Designed to provide a controlled environment to complete screening audiometry.

Looping Systems

The loop system consists of a microphone to pick up the sound (e.g. spoken words) and an amplifier which processes the signal, which is then sent to a loop cable.

Hearing Aid Accessories

You can find all types of hearing aid accessories like batteries for BTE, ITE, Implant, filter for BTE, ITE, Gear for BTE, Tube for BTE, Dehumidifier for all hearing aid.

Custom Made Ear Plugs

If you’re often exposed to repetitive loud noise, it’s important to be mindful that prolonged exposure can cause hearing damage that can lead to hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Repairs

For hearing aid users, spending even a day without their device can be quite challenging. we have the right team and tools in-house to diagnose different types of hearing aids.

Selling & Renting 3D Scanners

The members of the audiology product family, mono scan, duo scan and ds production are 3D scanners for digitizing auditory canal impressions are available.

Hearing Aid Repair

We help Ears to Hear

Child Enjoys Sound

Custom Ear Plugs

Hearing Loss Recovery

Enjoy with Hearing Aid

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