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Custom Made Ear Plugs

  • Swimming Ear Plug
  • Noise Protection Ear Plug
  • Pilot Ear Plug
  • Musician Ear Plug
  • Commendatory Ear Plug

If you’re often exposed to repetitive loud noise, it’s important to be mindful that prolonged exposure can cause irreparable hearing damage. Whether you’re a construction worker, a motor sport driver or a professional musician, you must ensure your ears are sufficiently protected, preventing damage that can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss.

There can also be occasions where exposure to noise doesn’t pose a permanent threat to your hearing but could be affecting your health in other ways – namely, when you are trying to sleep. At times like this, something to block the noise, such as sleep ear plugs, can be vital to your wellbeing.

For swimmers, they can protect their ear from water goes inside by using custom made water protection ear plug those are done by taking their exact impression of their ear and using high quality silicon materials. It’s a flexible and unbreakable. These ear plugs are protect their ear from infections. Especially, those got surgery on their ear can use to stop infection.

Fortunately, Digital Ears has a solution for all these situations, with a selection of professional custom made ear plugs that are designed to lower the occurrence of permanent damage and provide an effective barrier against noise. Our range of custom ear plugs includes noise cancelling ear plugs, ear plugs for swimming, musician’s ear plugs, and even molded ear plugs for sleeping, ear plugs for pilot and commendatory who wants to completely get off from noise disturbance.

Hearing Aid Repairs

For hearing aid users, spending even a day without their device can be quite challenging. Though modern hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology and features to improve hearing for the hearing impaired to a great extent, to have your device performing optimally, it is necessary to maintain them properly. we have the right team and tools in-house to diagnose different types of hearing aids and organise hearing aid repairs if required.

Selling & Renting 3D Scanners

The members of the audiology product family, mono scan, duo scan and ds production are 3D scanners for digitizing auditory canal impressions, perfectly matched to your requirements. The high end model, the ds production. is particularly suited for permanent use under production conditions.

The duo scan is conceived for everyday use in the shop. The inexpensive starter model mono scan already pays for itself for small processing quantities. Our latest technology has equipped all scanners with an interface to Noah which allows to integrate the scanner software into your Noah client.